I turned 30 yesterday, 30 weeks pregnant that is!

Here's a picture of me yesterday at 30 weeks pregnant.  Just ten more weeks to go!

The baby is kicking more than ever and my large belly is evidence that she is growing big and healthy. We are getting closer to picking a name and are finding people's reactions to our name options quite amusing.  I actually think it's fun to tell people and see their response, but I can totally understand why many people opt to keep names a secret until they have actually had the baby (at which point everyone has to accept the name and say they like it, even if they don't ;)).
In addition to showing a belly bump, this picture is telling of life lately on multiple levels...

1) Don't let my clothes deceive you, San Jose is just as warm as ever.  I woke up to overcast weather and started dressing like it was really fall here (aka boots, tights, sweater, scarf), but soon enough we were back to 70's as usual and I was sweating.  Oh and that whole overheating pregnancy thing has definitely kicked in this last week! It is real.

2) Also, don't let this picture deceive you into thinking that I actually get dressed up like this regularly (or really at all).  I actually blow dried my hair this morning (which was big for me) and got dressed in a skirt because I went to submit my substitute teaching application (finally)!  The whole application process was delayed due to an ever elusive TB test.  However, I finally found a place 30 minutes away that actually had the solution needed for the test (my county has been out of the solution for months now) and got the test done this week.  Now just pray that I can be hired on with enough time to actually sub a few days before the baby comes.  I can't wait to see the eyes of those middle schoolers when such a big belly makes its way in to their classroom for the day :)

3) I took this photo on self-timer (as if the world didn't already have enough cheesy selfies) because Aaron doesn't get home til nighttime and I wanted to actually document that I had gotten completely dressed for the day while it was still light out.  And, self-timer=off center picture.

4) My mom and I recently found that desk/console table thingy on the right at a consignment store and I'm in love with it and its brass lion pulls.  We have been all unpacked for some time now but it is such a process to feel like your home is fully put together/decorated.  Part of me wants to go out and buy everything on my wish list now (new curtains, tons of area rugs, art, etc. etc.) but I know there is value in being patient.

So that is what this picture means to me right now, from the size of my belly to my job status to the weather to my husband's work hours to the state of my house.  A good snapshot of life.

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