Week in Review

^^Sometimes Eleanor goes on a kissing rampage and kisses everything in sight.  This photo was taken on the same morning I shared this photo on instagram,, where we were embracing a no-clothes policy for Eleanor. 

We had a slow week around here.  We all came down with colds after getting back from Riverside so we were mostly just trying to get as much rest as possible.

One of the greatest things that has come out of this week though was that Eleanor started doling out hugs constantly.  It almost seemed like she sensed that we weren't feeling well.  Monday night she crawled over to Aaron as he lay on the floor and gave him a hug.  So sweet.  And one afternoon as we were walking around a store, Eleanor kept pulling me in for hugs, so much so that I was basically hunched over the cart the the whole time, pushing it as she hugged me.  This is a HUGE deal for us as Eleanor has not been much of a cuddler.  We are hoping that this phase doesn't ever go away.

Another Eleanor development was that she discovered doorknobs, or more specifically, the function of door knobs.  She knows now that the doorknob is the key to opening a door so she will stand stand up against the door on her tiptoes, reaching for the doorknob (which she is too short for, thank goodness) and cry desperately for me to open it.

We have this interesting dynamic now where Eleanor's not just content with seeing me or being near me, but she is constantly wanting me to do things for her--open a baggie, lift her on a chair, open a door, put her backpack on her, take away her food tray, give her a drink of water, etc.  She will hold out an object and insist that I do something with it.  It's adorable and exhausting.  Man, she's developing like wildfire.

In other news, I have caught the bug from this book and started the process of decluttering.  The topic of decluttering deserves a whole different post but suffice it to say for now that my house is currently in disarray as I am sorting through all our stuff.  I'm hoping to have things bagged up and cleared out soon.  It's just the chaos before the calm I guess.

This weekend we are looking forward to hopefully feeling better and maybe getting out of the house some.

My neighbor is interested in learning more about our church so I get to help teach her a little tonight along with our church's missionaries.  I love talking about how my faith has strengthened me so this is exciting for me.

And then on Saturday we hope to check out the local bike shop to make our family bike rides a reality before it gets too hot.  I'm also planning on attending a baby shower (fun!) while Aaron studies for an upcoming test.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the whole weekend though will be on Sunday when a member of the 12 apostles is coming to speak (we believe that there is a prophet and 12 apostles on the earth today leading God's church, just as in Bible times).  I've heard it's been thirty years since an apostle visited Fresno so this is a big deal!

This was a rambly post for sure but it feels good and genuine to document and share all these little things from our life right now.  

I hope you all have a great, relaxing weekend planned!

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