Eleanor at 7 months

Eleanor turns ONE this Friday...what?! Where did the past year go?  In anticipation of her one year birthday, I thought it was about time I updated the blog with Eleanor's 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 month old pictures ;)  I wrote this little update back during Eleanor's 7 month so lets just pretend for a quick second that it's still August and we are super excited with these cute new 7 month old developments.  Here goes...

Eleanor is scooting!  She pushes with her toes and army crawls with her arms and gets around really well.  I scatter toys all around for her to scoot to but she always find the one thing I don't want her to (computer cords, my shoes, etc.).  It is adorable but it forces me to always be on my toes with her to keep her out of trouble. 

With Eleanor's increased mobility also comes great challenges.  I have had to get creative with how I change her diaper because she is constantly wanting to flip over.  

We are keeping the solids up.  She's now eating purees for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We are going to move in to meats pretty soon. 

Sleep is still going well.  She usually takes 3 naps a day that go from one to one and a half hours and then she is asleep at 7 pm.   We are still doing a morning feeding at 5 pm and then she sleeps til 7 am. 

She's laughing!  We've tried to get her to give us a real laugh, not just an excited shriek, for months.  The first real laugh came while her Grandpa Stewart was holding her and throwing darts (at our cabin trip here).  She loved it!  For the next day we all tried to recreate it, throwing darts and everything, but she wasn't going for it anymore.  Then after eating her dinner of peas, Aaron got her to laugh again by saying "boo!" over and over again.  Since then she's slowly laughed more and more.  It's an exciting new development for sure. 

Love this girl.

^^Those hands!
^^Looks like it's about time for new onesies!  She's busting out of this 6 month size :)

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