Eleanor at 8 months

I took Eleanor's 8 month old pictures on the day we moved out of our San Jose apartment and headed to Fresno.  What the pictures don't show is that her room is completely empty except for this one rocking chair and pillow.  And you also can't tell in these photos but Eleanor's large smiles are due to Emily Bean and Jarelle Case who were there helping us move.  They stood behind me egging Eleanor on as I snapped away. She ended up staying in just this onesie the whole day and looked pretty haggard by the time we got to Fresno.  Poor thing!

Eleanor's 8th month including a lot of packing boxes, major attachment issues and crawling.  She was into everything and I just tried to keep her from putting anything too dangerous in her mouth ;)  She mastered the army crawl and could get around a room pretty well.

Her hair was growing in well ( pictures don't do it justice) and she would stroke her hair as she nursed.

Eleanor was definitely in full blown teething mode (drooling, interrupted sleep, etc.) but teeth still hadn't appeared yet.  She was also being pretty resistant to eating food and trying to feed her purees was no fun.

The best development though was that she was practicing different sounds with her mouth and started saying "da da."  She would usually say her da da's when she was cranky so I'd hear her in her crib calling out "da da da daaaa" as if begging for someone to come save her from nap time.  It was pretty darn adorable.
^^I love this expression.  She looks like she is mid-conversation with you :)

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  1. Those thighs are AMAZING!!! Love Her, and Happy Birthday Eleanor :)