The Beans and San Francisco

One of the greatest things about living where we do is that we get to hang out with the Beans.  Seriously.  They make our lives immensely happier.  Our usual hang out sessions are over games and dessert while Eleanor sleeps is fast asleep in her room.  Back in April though we decided to mix it up and get fancy.

We went in to the city, visited Golden Gate Park and then went ate at McCormick's in Ghirardelli Square for a seafood dinner.  The dinner was on PwC who gives their employees money for healthy living.  Aaron had racked up points for playing basketball, family walks, serving in the community and at church, etc. So thanks P-dub!

Anyways, the meal was delicious and it was especially breathtaking to watch the sun go down over the bay as we ate our food. And, as if we weren't full enough, we finished the night off with ghirardelli chocolate milkshakes because you have to do so when you visit Ghirardelli Square (well you don't have to but it would be irresponsible to pass on that opportunity).

Good times with the Beans!! Love you guys.

And the Beans captured this photo of Eleanor while at Golden Gate Park and it is now one of my all time favorites. Such a cool babes that one is.

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  1. There's something so magical about the first photo on this post! Good friends are the best!