Easter Weekend 2014

In honor of documenting our lives, even if it is four months late, here are some pictures from our Easter weekend.  Eleanor's first Easter!  

We headed over to Modesto for the weekend to see our friend Allison White give her missionary farewell talk in church.  And she did a fabulous job!  Our friends Nate and Lauren White had come in to town for her talk so it was fun to all reunite and let them see the much chubbier Eleanor (they first met Eleanor when she was just 4 weeks old).  We ate a delicious meal made by Cindy White and then played a fun game of Ticket to Ride.  

It was a memorable weekend, but of course, the very most important part of the weekend was remembering the sacrifice of our Savior.  I was very grateful that day in particular for this family I have been blessed with and the knowledge that because of my Savior I can improve each day and become a better wife and mother.  

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