I guess you could say I like taking grainy iPhone photos of Eleanor while she's sleeping as evidenced by the thousands I have on my phone.  She takes up to 4 naps a day sometimes and her sleeping positions are always entertaining that I just can't help but fill up my iPhone camera roll.

We recently started putting Eleanor down in her crib while she's awake but drowsy in an effort to have her soothe herself to sleep (aka cry for a good while ;)).  She's getting to the point where she's asleep pretty quickly and it's heavenly not to have to go through a huge long routine to get her down.  This nap training also coincided with stopping swaddling, leading her to perform all sorts of funny crib acrobatics while trying to fall asleep and then ending up in the most bizarre contortion.  I swear she should wake up with a major kink in her neck but she seems to be all right!  So without further ado, here is the photo gallery of the babes asleep (very exciting stuff, I know).

Her favorite sleeping position is to have her head cocked back with one knee up in the air and shoulders at a 180 degree angle to the bed (how can that be comfortable?!):
^^I mean, that head position is so unnatural, right?? And I love those cute little praying hands.

And here are some goodies from her swaddling days (notice she did the weird head position even swaddled): 
She's pretty good at scooting around in that crib and I often find her jammed up to one side.  I'm thinking of getting a bumper for her crib but I know that people advise against them because of SIDS.  Thoughts?  Anyways, here are some more that showcase her crib movement (my favorites being when she ends up holding the crib rails): 
^^Don't mind the occasional wet spot.  It's from her tears as she's trying to go to sleep. Sad, right?
^^I love those cute crossed legs!  

And sometimes she falls asleep in places other than her crib (although this is rare and we try to avoid it): 
 ^^Her changing pad! She was so exhausted.
^^milk coma. 

And here was yesterday's nap!  She has mastered rolling over from side to side, leading to lots of newfound positions that she manages to achieve all in one nap!:

But the best is when she wakes up like this after a long 2 hour nap:
Love this girl.


  1. Just get the bumpers. They have breathable mesh ones you can get if you prefer, but we have regular ones and Jack frequently sleeps with his head jammed into it and he's fine. Just make sure they're not loose or fuzzy and she should be alright. I also make sure they're up half an inch above the mattress, so that if he jams his face in he can get air easily from the gap between the bottom of the bumper and the top of the mattress. Good luck! she is so cute!!!

  2. there is nothing better than a sleeping baby!!!