Morning fall walk.

I took my camera on one of my daily walks around our neighborhood. It took a while for fall to appear here in San Jose but finally the leaves started to change and San Jose is looking good.  

I really enjoyed having my camera on the walk, although it became much more of a leisurely activity than any real kind of exercise.  I noticed that we have yellow fire hydrants on every street.  I saw the best color of green on a truck.  I took an extra moment to take in the park, just two blocks away, that pretty soon I will walk our baby to.  I enjoyed the fallen leaves on cars and streets.  

I love that our apartment is in the middle of a residential area and not a major complex.   I love that every house in our area has its own character, color and style.  And I love that every time I go on a walk, the people I see out and about wave and smile at me.  

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