Soda pop and gelato and downtown Campbell

^^Check out those flavors! Mud pie, Red licorice, cookie dough, peanut butter, etc.

After eating dinner at home and once the BYU Basketball game was over (naturally), Aaron and I headed out to discover a gelato place.  I had found one on Campbell Ave, which turns out is the heart of downtown Campbell.   We live right on the brink of San Jose and Campbell, but most of everything we do is in Campbell.  I had no idea though that Downtown Campbell was such a happening place until we drove up and couldn't find parking anywhere.  People were flooding in just to experience the ambiance of quaint, little Campbell.  If a place wants me to fall in love with it, all it has to is string white Christmas lights in its trees and I am sold.

We walked the down main street and made mental notes of all the local restaurants we want to go to (including sushi, which I will eat asap--it's been a long 7 months so far ;)).  We found a store with the name of "Soda Pop Candy Shop," aka the best place for adults who don't want to drink alcohol (and kids too of course).  The store was lined with different kinds of soda in old fashioned bottles and it was awesome!  We bought a vanilla cream soda and drank it as we walked.
Our gelato place definitely had the hipster vibe going (of which we are not really cool enough to be called ourselves) and split a large cup of 4 flavors.  I liked 3 of the 4 flavors--fresh mint was much too fresh for me.  It felt like I was eating straight mint leaves.

The gelato was good but the best part of the evening was just getting out.  It's so easy to get in to the rut of doing the same thing (watching netflix movies, mainly) so I really enjoyed experiencing something new in our new area.  The great thing about it too is that discovering downtown Campbell gave us lots of future "get out of the house" ideas--like going to the other ice cream shop on Campbell Ave!

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  1. haha! Splitting the large cup full of flavors is totally the way to go :)