Hanging around Walnut Creek

While we were waiting to get in to our new place, we had a lot of fun in Walnut Creek staying with my parents.  My brother Blair and his wife Chelsea were in the middle of adding on to their house so we were actually all staying at my parents house together and were one big happy family again.

Among other things, the first couple of weeks of September included...

Helping Blair and Chelsea with their addition
Starting a baby quilt
Going to the Farmer's Market

Buying a new kitchen tables/chairs and searching for fabric to reupholster the chairs
Photo shoots with Addy
Getting a sweet camera bag that Chelsea found for a dollar at an estate sale
Eating a Sprinkles cupcake (my favorite) and buying maternity pants (yay! finally!)
Attending the Oakland Temple
 Getting gelato in celebration of Aaron passing his second CPA test (such happiness!).  I told the man dishing us up our gelato that this was a celebration of Aaron passing a big test--turns out the man was the manager (and a very nice one at that!) and he gave us Aaron's gelato for free.  It just made it that much sweeter of an experience :)
And also stocking up on all things baby (thank goodness for sweet people who are willing to give you hand me downs galore!) while getting a larger and larger baby bump by the day.  Pictures of that bump to come later though.

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  1. You guys are so cute! Glad you're having fun in CA!