Progress and our new place

Luckily, our place is looking a little more put together than the above photo shows, but it's still not all the way done.  We are still in progress, and probably will be until this little child of ours arrives in January.

We found our apartment after two days of crazy apartment hunting.  We happened to hit the San Jose apartment market just as it was picking up (along with the change in interest rates and home prices...it's all connected) so finding a place was competitive and a tad stressful, but we made it!

We feel very fortunate to have found our place, and it has almost everything we had on our "list of wants."  We were able to find a 2 bedroom 1.5 bathroom apartment, which will make having the baby and future visitors that much easier.  The best thing of all though is that we are just 10 minutes away from Aaron's work and within 10-15 minutes of everything we need (airport, grocery stores, great malls, parks, etc.)!   I've been driving Aaron to work every morning this week (he will eventually drive himself but we thought we would save on the parking this week while I am not working yet), and we seem to avoid traffic on the way to work in the morning and on the drive home at night.

Our original moving plan was to move in to our place about a week before Aaron started working so we would have plenty of time to get all settled and explore the area.

Oh the plans we make that don't turn out!

Turns out Uhaul lost our paperwork and didn't ship the Uboxes.  When we finally got it all figured out and got our Uboxes here, it was Friday and Aaron started work on Monday.  Thanks to my mom and Emily and Richard Bean, we were able to get all of our stuff in to our place by Friday night, spend most of the day Saturday unpacking the essentials (our bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom) and then leave the rest of things to slowly chip away at.  (I am currently sitting in our second bedroom--future baby room!!--to try to motivate myself to tackle the miscellaneous boxes we've discarded here.)

In hindsight, moving in all worked out and having our Uboxes delayed meant that we were able to enjoy extra time hanging out with my family in Walnut Creek, which was definitely a plus.    

So that's where we are at.  And now I will force myself to close the computer and figure out this second bedroom madness before running some errands.

Happy Thursday!
(speaking of Thursday, baby girl McKell is 24 weeks along today!)

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  1. ah! Unpack with a belly is the worst!!!! Hopefully your nesting instincts will kick in!!! :)