Scoping out San Francisco

**I'm playing a bit of catch-up on old pictures and events before Aaron started working so here goes...

Aaron knew his first few days on the new job would be spent in the PWC San Francisco office so we decided to scope out how to get to his SF office and just play tourists for a bit before he started working.

We rode BART in (Aaron's first BART experience), walked to Aaron's office and then walked over to the Ferry Building.   The Ferry Building is right on the water and is full of shops and restaurants.  I vote that any time Aaron works in the city I should come and meet him for a dinner in the Ferry Building and then ride home together to San Jose :)

We then walked over to meet my dad at his office and go out to lunch.  We went to a delicious Indian food restaurant and Dad encouraged us to branch out (we love our Chicken Tikka Masala and really haven't ordered too much of anything else).  We got three really delicious dishes and enjoyed seeing and talking to my dad in the middle of his work day.

By the time we made it back to Walnut Creek we were seriously tired but it was a fun half day in the city.
^^Aaron humored me by taking a picture by these doors. I was just excited that this is where he would go on his first day of his career!^^
^^Aaron looking like a confident soon-to-be-father and me with a 23 week baby growing inside^^
^^Dad ordering the Indian food.  I should have gotten a better picture but I got caught up in our conversation and our good food :)^^

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