Stewart Family Reunion 2013

Every two years, my dad's side of the family gets together for a Stewart family reunion.  This year the family chose Utah, which made it super convenient for us! All the uncles were there (my dad is the youngest of five boys) with their wives and some of their kids.  We spent the day at the park catching up, eating pizza and swimming.  I'm grateful that my extended family has been having these reunions because it makes it so much easier to maintain relationships with everyone.  Now for a ton of pictures...

^^Grandma Stewart and her 5 boys.  Clockwise, starting at the top left: My dad (Craig), Randy, Mark, Steve, Grandma and Ken^^
 And the photo credit for all the rest of the pictures goes to my dad, who has a knack for capturing perfect pictures of his grandkids.
^^I'm in love with this picture. Henry is fearless to be trusting his crazy aunt and uncle so much.^^

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