Rooftop Concert Series

We headed on down to the Rooftop Concert Series a week ago and met up with Nate, Erin and Scott when we arrived (we had hoped to see our friends Anna and Marcus too but didn't catch them until we were walking out).  I really like the concept of the Rooftop Concerts--a free outdoor concert once a month with local musicians.  The concert takes place on top of a parking garage here in Provo and brings in quite the crowd.  I'm a sucker for anything that is free, draws the community together and lets you enjoy the summer nights.  And also anything with Chinese lanterns totally has my vote!
^^Scott was so into it!^^
And if you're in Provo on September 6th then you should totally go to the Rooftop Concert Series that night! Word on the street is that Ryan Innes and Amy Whitcomb are performing and they were just on the show The Voice.  Amy was in our BYU freshmen ward and is a true sweetheart (and great singer).

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  1. Such a fun night! Wish we had pictures of our awesome snow cones :)