Nieces and Nephews take on the Provo Rec Center

A week ago we took Audrey and the kiddos (our nieces and nephews) to the Provo Rec Center as a birthday present to Remy and Oliver.  The kids were hilarious splashing around like crazy and I loved getting to catch up with Audrey.  The rec center indoor and outdoor pools were packed and it took all three of us adults sticking to one child each to be able to make sure they were safe and alive.   It was really fun though to see them loving it, and except for one incident of finding poop in the lazy river and everyone getting kicked out, it was a successful afternoon!

I love Audrey and these kids and seeing them reminds me of how bittersweet leaving Utah at the end of the month will be.
Remy dancing and washing her hair in the "shower":
I love the sequence of Henry in the next four pictures.  He was all about doing an army crawl in the shallow end but the deeper he got the more he struggled: 
And look at Remy and Oliver so willing to pose!  
^^that's a cute family right there^^

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