A baby shower for me and the babe.

I tell ya, preparing to bring a child into the world is a beautiful experience.  People come out of the woodwork with the most beautiful advice for me and the sweetest gifts for the baby.  This was especially so at the baby shower that Erin so kindly threw for me last week.  She wanted me to get to have a shower before leaving Provo, and although she herself is rearing up to move to California, she set aside a lot of time to make a beautiful night happen with people that I love dearly.

I was so grateful to have family and friends from all parts of my life there and was so grateful for the sweet gifts they gave, even before knowing if I am having a boy or a girl!

**Most images are from Erin.  She cooks, she decorates, she hosts, and she photographs!  I love you Erin!


  1. Super adorable baby shower! I will miss you a lot!
    Our Fairy Tale

  2. The favor bags are very cute. What was in them? Do you know where you're friend bought them?