How we told our parents

This little child of ours is going to be the sixth grandchild for my parents and the first grandchild for Aaron's parents.  We wanted to find some way to tell them we were pregnant without having to say the words ourselves.  I knew that when it came down to it I would be too nervous-excited to get the words out.  (In fact, I usually made Aaron tell our friends because I never knew quite how to slip it in to the conversation, ha.)

So we came up with the idea of making onesies and giving them to our dads on Father's Day.  We created the designs on PowerPoint and then printed them on iron-on transfer sheets.  (I had made onesies before for a baby shower using this tutorial, so I followed the same idea.) I wrapped two onesies up and mailed them off to my dad and then wrapped the other two and stuffed them in my bag for our trip to Riverside for Austin's homecoming.
We opened Father's Day presents in the morning at the McKells and had Mark open ours last.  I think the pictures do a pretty good job at explaining the reaction...
^^ did you see the shift in Mark's eyes when he was starting to figure it out? Priceless.^^

Then later that night we skyped with my mom, dad, Blair, Chelsea, Audrey and Patrick.  I thought I had been all discreet about setting up the skype--afterall it was Oliver's birthday and it was Father's Day so it made sense that we all get on, wish each other well and have Dad open his presents.  Turns out that Audrey sensed something fishy and guessed we were pregnant (unbeknownst to us till afterwards).  Anyways, dad opened our gift first and here are blurry screen shot photos of their reactions...

^^just chatting away^^
^^and he goes to open the package^^
^^and Audrey's victory fist pump while saying "I called it!"

Overall everyone was very excited, some had guessed it while others seemed genuinely surprised.  Just the day before, Aaron shouted out to me when I was about to wakeboard (with his whole family around, mind you), "Be careful with that belly of yours!"  You see, Aaron was dying to tell people and wanted to come as close to telling everyone as possible.  Well, of course, an astute mother would know what a reference to a "belly" means and so Susan pieced that comment together with the extra naps I had been taking and had already guessed that we were expecting.

It's all fun to think about how we told them and who knew, but in the end, we were just glad that we could finally start talking to our families our families about it openly.  I woke up two days after Father's Day to a text from my mom with a picture of baby flannel she had just gotten for the baby's first flannel blanket.  We then texted back and forth about nausea and such.  I am glad to have my mom to get excited with and ask my questions to.  I've loved talking to family about potential names and guessing the gender.  It's been a fun 4 1/2 months so far.

So, anyways, that's how it all went down :)

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