The stylish Raty's

After Scheels on Saturday, Aaron and I went back up to my SLC with my mom to visit with my Grandma Raty.  I love when things aren't rushed and I have a chance to sit talk with her.  She hasn't lived in the South for so long, yet you can still hear her Southern accent, especially when she calls me her "darlin' heart."

Grandma pulled out a little photo album and started showing me pictures of my cousins.  She came to a page and said, "And here is your grandpa and me on our wedding day" and then kept on flipping through like it was nothing.  I had to ask her to go back and show me the wedding day picture again because I had never seen it.  I loved it so much that I took a picture of it on my phone.  Realizing that I might be able to get more great old pictures of her, I asked her to show me the old family pictures my parents had uploaded onto her iPad mini.

I just think it is amazing to look back at my grandparents lives and see them looking so stylish and young.  Here are just a couple of the pictures that I got from my grandma.  I feel like they are my history and I love that I am connected to these great people.

My grandparents on their wedding day in Salt Lake City.  They were married int the Salt Lake Temple on December 1st, 1949:

Grandma hiding behind her in-laws (my great grandparents):
Wasn't my grandpa just the cutest little boy? Meet little Leslie:
 Grandma and Grandpa with their first child.  They would eventually have ten children all together.
My grandpa on his mission:

I feel like these next two are the epitome of masculinity and femininity respectfully. 

And that's my mom in the middle of my grandparents' 10 children :)

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