Scheels with the children

My mom was in town until Saturday after taking Ginny to the airport, so we got to meet up and hang out one last time.  Oliver has been wanting to go to Scheels, the sporting good store that just so happens to be mecca of all childhood entertainment, so there we met.

The kids (and Grandma and Audrey) rode the ferris wheel.  I was kind of ousted from the experience because I was not Grandma, but after seeing just how many times they stopped and started and went in circles, I was just fine with that.  

Then we headed over to miniature golf, which was just about the cutest thing in the world.  Miniature bowling balls, miniature lanes, and miniature pins attached to the machine by a string.  Each child had their own style of bowling:  Henry liked to chuck his bowl and then hear the loud "thud."  Remy would kind of do a gangster pose (with arms folded and thumb in mouth) as she waited for her ball to hit the pins and then doing her fist pumping, victory jumps when she hit even one pin.  Then Oliver would be "cool" and would focus on hitting the pins with style, and of course, would try not to act too excited when he hit the pins well.  

It's always a good afternoon when the kids are there and they make for wonderful photo opportunities. Aaron took all the pictures of the kids on the ferris wheel.  I think he is so good at capturing the moments and have been really impressed with his picture taking abilities. 

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