Can every day be Sunday?

I didn't have a lot of opportunities to practice taking pictures this weekend, so Sunday night Aaron and I sat on our couch and took pictures of ourselves (well, really, Aaron humored me as I set up the picture taking).  Most of them were posed but this was just us playing around afterwards.

Sunday evenings are so bitter and so sweet.  We get to feel so relaxed after a good weekend and we get a full night of just soaking up time together.  But when the realization hits that Monday comes after Sunday and that Monday will begin another week, I get bummed.  As great as teaching can be, I really do dread going back to work on Mondays (sorry my dear students who hopefully never read this blog).  Mondays mean diving back to the craziness and it means frantically making up all of the things that I said I was going to but didn't even touch.

Most of all though, I dread Mondays because it means that Aaron and I don't get to be together all the time.  This semester has been better because school is not as stressful, and Aaron has a much more flexible schedule.  However, the quality time just seems more quality on the weekend where it can just be us, totally focused on each other and not thinking about what we still need to get done that night.

I hold on to this time a lot because I know that with each passing day, this time will be more and more difficult to have.  Before we know it Aaron will be working full time, we will have children and we will be true "adults."  Don't get me wrong, I am super excited to be a mom one day (really excited) and Aaron working full time will mean lots of wonderful things for him and us.  These things will help us grow, and stretch and be better.  We will learn a lot by giving of ourselves to these new adventures.  But it will also bring more craziness into the mix.

So for now, Sundays are my heaven and I wish I could freeze time and just soak them it up.

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