Dresses and cupcakes and birthdays.

It's been a while since I've been able to hang out with the girls here in Provo so we took advantage of the weekend and got together.  We had good reasons to hang out too--Ellen's birthday (from early January) had still not been celebrated and Taylor Veater was needing to hit the wedding dress stores because she just got engaged!

We loved going with Taylor and scouting out some wedding dresses. She was a total babe in all of them. She is a dear friend and like a sister to us all.  

After wedding dresses, we ate dinner at La Jolla Groves and then ended the night at my apartment for a very mini b-day party for  Ellen.  Erin made the best and healthiest strawberry cupcakes I have ever had (gluten free!). And Ellen still let us sing her "Happy Birthday" (sans candles) even though it was a month late.   We stayed up and talked at my place, which is always my favorite part of any get together.

We girls are going to have lots of opportunities to hang out in February, and to make it even better,  I just found out that Jessica is coming to town (with her new baby Clara)!  It's going just going to be a great month all around!