Friday Date Night

Richard and Emily recently got engaged, which Aaron and I are thrilled about.

They had the idea to go to Sportz Comedy on Friday night and invited us to come.  Usually I am pretty exhausted on Fridays from a long week, but this Friday I had a surprising amount of energy.  We had an impromptu nerf gun war (we've been a little nerf gun happy around here lately), played a game, went to Sportz Comedy and then hit up The Chocolate for a cazookie (which really is a bazookie but whatever).

It really was a lot of fun to just get out and do something.  Aaron and I were commenting as the night ended that we haven't done an "activity" for a date night in a while.    We did go to the This is the Place monument back in December with Nate and Lauren, but other than that, our dates are typically going to dinner and getting a redbox. We like the typical, but were surprised by how fun it was to mix it up.  So thanks Richard and Emily for showing us to be young and active again, not boring old marrieds :)

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