Introducing Matt and Elizabeth Brigham!

We were absolutely thrilled to attend and be apart of Matt Brigham's wedding to the beautiful Elizabeth Dawn.

We became good friends with Matt Brigham during our freshmen year at BYU.  We were all in the dorms together and it often felt that Matt was the third member in mine and Aaron's relationship.  We'll forever picture Matt going to campus in his robe and slippers, holding "read-ins" and planning the epic 95th Ward slideshow. 

We've continued our friendship through the years, taking trips to visit each other's homes (like this trip) and having game nights (like in this video).  Matt even joked that he would live in our backyard when we moved to the Bay Area (we were a little unsure about this one and were especially hoping that Matt would find a nice girl so he wouldn't want to live with us forever ;)).  

When Matt and Elizabeth started dating now over a year ago, we immediately saw that they were perfect for each other.  Elizabeth is smart and clever and handles Matt so well.  We are so thrilled they found each other. 

They told us last January that they were going to get married when they stopped by for a surprise visit so it's been a long time in coming for this wedding day. 

They were married in the Draper Temple and then had a wonderful dinner and reception in Salt Lake.   It was a snowy, snowy day which made for gorgeous pictures and freezing limbs. 

I didn't get tons of pictures--I was mostly focused on staying warm--but here are the few that I got.  

We love you Matt and Elizabeth.  

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