A Surprise Visit

We had a surprise visit from these two crazy lovebirds on Sunday night. 
wow.  don't they look good together?

We love Matthew Robert Brigham and especially love it when he brings Elizabeth Dawn to hang out with us. 

We had a good time catching up and hearing about their lives. 

And of course, a night wouldn't be complete without Wahoo.

Aaron never passes up an opportunity to introduce someone to the game of Wahoo 
(if you haven't played it, you need to. we love it and know you will too).  

So, we introduced Matt and Elizabeth to Wahoo and proceeded to get whooped by Elizabeth.  How does that happen?  You play a game a gazillion times, have people over to your home thinking that with your home court advantage you are going to dominate...and then get WHOOPED?!

Anyways, Elizabeth didn't skip a beat.  She heard the instructions one time and was ready to win.  Brains and beauty.  Matthew, you are a lucky man. 

Good friends to us, they are.  

And don't worry, we're calling for a re-match.  

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