Visit to San Fran.

I never really called it San Fran growing up, but when my cousin Candice came to live with us years ago, she would always refer to the city as San Fran.  So, if I ever want to sound cool about going to the city I call it "San Fran."

Anyways, Blair, Chelsea and Addy were house-sitting for family friends in San Fran so my mom and I went in to visit.  While there we went shopping and ate lunch at Pasta Pomodoro.  Aaron joined us that night and we watched the Olympics while eating pizza and cookies.

Oh and I took pictures around the house and neighborhood..  The house is really unique and seems very San Francisco-y to me (which is not necessarily the Full House San Francisco-y style). Plus, they have some pretty cool antique things in the house.  It kinda feels like a intricate museum where after being there for a bit you are still discovering cool new things.

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