Concert in the Park

Redwood City knows how to live up the summer nights.  They have an event planned almost every night of the week.  It creates such a fun community atmosphere.

We went to the Wednesday night Concert in the Park, which is held at the park just two blocks away from us.  While we went for the music and the community fun, my main motivation actually was to play around taking pictures with a slr camera.  Our friend Richard went out of town and left his Canon Rebel for me to play with.  I gained a newfound appreciation for shooting in the manual mode.  How does anyone ever master that? The pictures I took weren't perfect but it was fun to play and Aaron was a good sport to smile for the camera.  He really dislikes posing.

Oh and the music was fun.  A mixture of different era's.  If I kept living in Redwood City I would corral a big group of friends, pack a picnic basket, bring playing cards and plop down on a nice blanket to listen to the weekly music.

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