I was reminiscing today about my cute little 9th graders that I have left behind at Timpview.

Their next unit in Geography is on the Middle East.  For my last day of student teaching, I made them a short video with some of my pictures from Israel, Jordan and Egypt to give them a feel for the Middle East.

I loved sifting through the pictures from my study abroad and remembering every beautiful street I walked on and all the amazing people I met.

I thought it would be fun to share the video I created.  Since I made it for my class and wanted it to be educational, I chose Dave Matthew's song "Mother, Father" because the song refers to hatred and fighting that exists in a beautiful world.  I thought it was a good teaching tool for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.  However, if I had just made the movie for your viewing pleasure I would have picked a much more upbeat Middle Eastern song to match the pictures.

Anyways, here you go!  Hope you like it :)

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