Friday Shopping

I went to the Bijou Market on Friday afternoon with Erin and baby Scott.  My friends took me to the market when I first got home from my mission and I have been going since with whatever friends happened to be in Provo at the time.  Last time, Jessica even had her own little shop set up and I bought a great headband that she made.  Going to the market really makes me feel like I am a part of the Provo community because the market is meant to help local Utah designers sell their homemade items.

While I was looking through the vintage clothing and home items, a woman in her 50's walked by me and said, "You know what's funny, I got those same dishes for my wedding thirty years ago and thought there were hideous then.  Who would have thought I would find them here selling for more than they did then and considered 'vintage'?  It's so funny."  After that comment, she walked off to do more shopping.  I laughed because I think there was a lot of truth in her observation.

Erin and I found some good things and had fun catching up on life.  The best part though is always seeing how big Scott is getting!



  1. Haha crazy Scott wouldn't pose for a picture! It was so fun to see you!! :)

  2. Aww this looks SO fun... I love and miss you girls!