We weren't done with water yet though...

My wonderful friend Ellen got engaged this summer!  

We hadn't meet Gregg until after they were officially engaged (although I had heard wonderful things about him) but let me tell you...he is a great guy.  

I'm just so happy knowing that Ellen is so happy!

We decided that we wanted to spend some quality time together and thought the best way to do that was to enjoy the great outdoors.  

We headed up to the Provo River, hopped on a raft and made our way through those crazy Provo rapids 
(notice the sarcasm...Provo River has no rapids).

These are our after pictures...

The two pictures are essentially the same but notice the running man
...now you see him...

...now you don't...haha.

Also, notice Aaron's missing flip-flop.  We lost it in those those darn rapids.


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