Last Summer Ride

We thought we had said goodbye to our summer boating after our St. George trip.  

Much to our surprise though, Aaron got a call from his childhood friend Alex Malone.  Alex had his family's boat up in Utah for the week and asked if we wanted to go out on one last boating trip to Deer Creek. 
Without any hesitation we said "Of course!!"

We got up early on the last Thursday morning before classes started and headed for the water.

And it was BEAUTIFUL.  Definitely the smoothest water of the summer. 

I confidently carved on the wakeboard (my humble goal for the summer haha)

And Aaron and Alex got some serious air.

It was just what we needed before another big semester started.

I love this short little video.  Aaron on the kneeboard.  I love how the music comes in at just the perfect time.  

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Alex Malone. We had a great time.

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