Back to School

School started up again at the end of August.

Even though the thought of homework and tests again is quite depressing, it's funny how there is always an excitement for the first day of school.

New books, new pens, new teachers, new memories...so great.

Plus, we love all things BYU so how could we not love being on campus?

This new semester marked:

Aaron's first semester as a MAcc student,

My LAST semester of on-campus classes 


Our first fall semester being married.

Oh happiness.

Here is a little bit of our back to school experience:

Flag at half staff for Sister Bentley of the NYU Mission, Chocolate covered strawberries for friends, a temporary ferris wheel in the middle of campus (random but fun), and Aaron playing football with the boys.

I just noticed that none of these pictures are actually about attending classes.  Haha.
Ok, maybe we weren't ready for the classes starting part of "back to school" after all.

I did manage to turn in my Student Teaching application and can't wait to find out my assignment.
I'll student teach from January to April and then on to graduation!

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