Polynesian Cultural Center

Another major highlight of our Hawaii trip was going to the Polynesian Cultural Center.  I had heard amazing things about the PCC for years so it was awesome to be able to go and see why everyone loves it so much. 

We arrived around 2 pm and spent the first several hours touring around each section of the PCC.  The PCC is broken up into sections that represent each Polynesian country.  You can go and "visit" each country (Tonga, New Zealand, Hawaii, etc), learn about their culture and watch how they dance.  We learned to hula, weaved little fish, got drenched on a boat ride, swung crazy balls and saw fire made from sticks.  

After visiting the countries, we attended a luau for dinner where we drank smoothies from pineapples and saw Aaron shake his booty for hundreds of people (yes, there are photos below).  

The night ended with a big final show full of storytelling and dancing.  The final show started around 8 pm, an hour past Eleanor and Ford's usual bedtime, so we had to leave early. What we did manage to see though was quite spectacular.  

I didn't take hardly any photos that whole day so I'm grateful my dad shared his with me.  Here's a little of the day...

The difference between the facial expressions in these next two pictures cracks me up.  I must admit, my face was a little more in line with Henry's about getting all wet on the boat ride.  
^^New Zealand dancers performing the haka

And my favorite part of the whole night was seeing Aaron pulled on stage to dance in front of everyone...

...and then seeing him be selected to dance alone with the girls.  He took it like a champ.  I so wish I had taken a video but these pictures tell the story pretty well...
Eleanor now "shakes her booty" like Daddy :)

We loved the PCC and were so impressed by how well the whole center is put together.  It was definitely worth it.  Thanks for taking us Mom and Dad!

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