Lazy Beach Days, Part 2

More lazy beach days!  I just realized that "lazy" is a little misleading in this case.  Going to the beach with a baby is hard work.  The sunscreen, the nursing while sandy, the sweaty baby sleeping on you.  But it was worth it to hang out with the family and get in that beautiful water.  This particular beach was called Three Tables Beach and it was a good one for swimming.  I got out in the water with Eleanor and it felt so good to swim around.  
^^It's never too hard to spot my dad ;)

After Three Tables Beach, Aaron and I snuck off for lunch at the food trucks by ourselves.  I love getting a little break from the kids mid-vacation :)

And here's a smattering of other beach scenes over the course of the week...
^^The aftermath of a good day of playing

And I love these nighttime beach scenes that my dad captured...

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