My baby boy is all grown up and eating solids!

 This handsome boy is growing up WAY too fast.  We started our little Fordy boy on solids at 6 months old and now over a month later he's still going strong.

 His first food was an avocado, eaten in my lap and straight from the whole avocado itself.  He loved it and Eleanor was there cheering him along.  We then tried sweet potato skewers followed by munching on broccoli.  We are very roughly doing the baby led weaning approach but I've already mixed in some purees just for the ease of it.   He's now also had bananas, green beans, peas, cauliflower and butternut squash.  The only really sour looking face he's made is over green beans but I don't blame him there ;) I'm trying to mostly hold off on the fruits for now but we'll introduce those soon.  He loves being able to hold on to his food and he very much dislikes it when you take it away prematurely.

One of my struggles with feeding babies is that I always manage to wait til they are way too tired and hungry to start feeding them.  Feeding kids is a struggle and not always my favorite thing (the prep! the mess!  the tears!) but then I look at these pictures where he just looks oh so cute holding that sweet potato and I forget about the struggle.  I'm just seriously crossing my fingers that he forever LOVES his vegetables and will continue to eat whatever I put in front of him.

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