Branches around the House

I was listening to a podcast interview of Lauren Liess the other week and the interviewer asked Lauren, "What's one thing people can do today to beautify their homes without spending very much money?"

I was surprised at how simple and easy her answer was.  Lauren said, "Go in your backyard, cut some branches and then scatter them throughout your house.  It will completely change the feel of your home."

I didn't go out and do it right then but as time went on I kept noticing that more often than not the rooms I liked had a giant pot of branches.  The branches completely made the shot too.
^^Soooo dreamy, right?
^^Also, that's my dream table and chair combo right there
So the other day when I was feeling particularly antsy about being cooped up in our house (the nap trap is my life right now), Eleanor and I went around our backyard cutting branches off our trees and made little arrangements to scatter around the house.  We don't have too many flowers in our backyard but thankfully our beautiful crepe myrtle tree is in bloom right now so we cut a couple branches from there too for a bit of color.

And Lauren Liess was right.  I feel so happy seeing these branch bouquets throughout around the house.  It only took 10 minutes and was totally free.  I need to do this way more often :)


  1. I love this Caroline- somehow the simplest of things as always what bring such happiness!

    1. Yes!! Love the simple things, especially simple things like good friends bringing yummy treats by unexpectedly. You're the best!