Father's Day 2016

Father's Day may just be my favorite day of the year.  We were able to all sleep in because Aaron's morning church meetings were cancelled.  Eleanor woke up first and we did gifts in bed for Daddy.  We got her saying, "Happy Father's Day!" and it was pretty dang cute.  Ford woke up not long after and gave Aaron some good smiles.
^^Obviously not the greatest picture of me and Aaron but look at that cute little smiler on bottom!

We did the traditional eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast and then spent the rest of the morning relaxing and getting ready for church.  

Church was great as always, although Aaron definitely didn't get a Father's Day break as we were taking both kids in and out of meetings.  

After church, I put together one of Aaron's favorite meals (Erin's sweet island pork recipe...try it!  It's so good).  We enjoyed a good dinner together and then had fun face timing with family.

We attempted a family selfie, which was a fail but still worth sharing...
And sadly, the Warriors lost making it not such a happy ending to the day for us (and especially for my dad, sorry Dad!) but even that couldn't really put a damper on things in our house.  

I'm grateful for Aaron, who's devotion to fatherhood continues to amaze me.  He goes above and beyond with our kids every day and I am so grateful that he has such a close bond with them.  I know they'll never know just how good they really have it but I do hope they learn to appreciate all that he does.  We love you Aaron!  And we very much love our own dads too!  Hope all had a great Father's Day :)

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