The Zoo!

Scenes from our March zoo trip...

First up was the monkeys.  Also of note, Eleanor was in her first romper of the summer and I was blown away by how long her legs were looking.  She's so big!

Eleanor remembered the fishies from when Aaron took her the month before and she ran right over to them.

This trip was my first time going to the new African exhibit in the zoo.  Eleanor was all about the lion.  I took her up as close as I could to see it and then after standing there with me for a while she ran over to Aaron and said, "Daaaddy!! Loook, a lion!!!! Seeee!"  She brought him up to the window and pointed to the lion, telling him all about it.  These are the moments that parents live for!
^^Her smile here cracks me up.  She was totally posing for the picture and wanted her cheek to be against the glass so she could be as close as possible to the lion.
 ^^Do you see how her hands are clasped?! She loved that lion.
 ^^blowing a kiss
^^A break in the shade!

We are definitely braver parents this second time around.  I used to try and time everything perfectly with Eleanor's schedule when she was a baby, which that often meant that we didn't make it out to things like we wanted to.  This time around we take a much different approach--more of a "let's just go for it and make it work along the way" attitude.  

So even though we left for the zoo much later than we intended, we just went for it, not knowing how/when I'd feed Ford or what we'd do with Eleanor's missed nap.  We got to the zoo and of course Ford woke up to eat right as we were parking.  So I fed him in the car in the parking lot while Aaron tried to keep Eleanor entertained for 30 minutes on a nearby grassy patch.  We had already been "at the zoo" for 45 minutes before we ever made it inside to see any animals.  Ha!  But it worked out.  Ford ended up sleeping the whole time in the stroller allowing us both to focus on Eleanor, which she really needs every once in a while.  And Eleanor held it together very well despite her missed nap.  It was one of those great family bonding experiences and she asks to go back all the time.   

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