Operation: Get Eleanor To Like Dirt

Eleanor doesn't like dirt or getting dirty.  You'd think a mother would appreciate that quality, but in Eleanor's case it was becoming quite extreme (read: kinda pathetic ;)).  Aaron took her in the backyard one afternoon and she fell over in the grass and wouldn't get up for fear of touching the dirt.  She just sat there and cried in horror. Ha!

This extends to the beach too, where she can't handle the sand touching her or else she bursts out in tears.  There have been a few rare times where she stuck a shovel in the sand but it usually doesn't last very long.

So being the loving parents that we are, desiring Eleanor to have the carefree, play-in-the-dirt kind of childhood that we experienced, we needed to fix this.   My mom actually made major leaps and bounds with Eleanor when she got Eleanor to help her plant some pansies in our backyard.  And then ever since then I've been trying to take Eleanor in the backyard more, getting her sit down with me and touch the dirt.  We've come along way and I'm happy to report that Eleanor will now walk around barefoot outside and even requests to go in our backyard.  One afternoon we made a breakthrough and she was shoveling away all while smiling.  It was so happy that I snapped these pictures and texted them to Aaron.  Proud parent moment right there ;)

Such a silly girl.

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