Ophelia's Baby Blessing

We headed up to the Bay Area for Ophelia's baby blessing just after the great New Years painting party.

Ophelia was born on December 2nd and she is the 3rd baby girl for Blair and Chelsea.  We think she is the cutest thing around and Eleanor loves her like crazy.  Ophelia slept in our baby bassinet when she came to Fresno and ever since then Eleanor lies in the bassinet saying "baby Pheeela!" over and over again.

Blair gave Ophelia a beautiful blessing and we were grateful to be there to witness it.

The following photos are all from my dad but I wanted to share them here for our own documentation.  One day I hope to print this blog into a book for our family record but that's a super lofty "someday" goal :).  So thanks for the photos Dad!  And without further ado, here's sweet Ophelia...
^^The dimple!

We love you Ophelia!

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