New Years (and a painting party!)

My family surprised us with a trip to Fresno over the New Years holiday to help us paint.  We have been trying to pound out the painting as quickly as possible before this baby comes but you can only go so fast when it's just two people and one of them is pregnant.  We were SO grateful that my family chose to come and spend their days off with helping us.

Aaron, Blair and Dad were the stars, painting away for a day and a half straight.
The rest of us were also stars as we tried to keep the kids entertained and quarantined and warm (the house was freezing with all the doors open to let out the fumes).  It had not even been a month since Chelsea had had Ophelia and yet there she was helping us with our house.   She amazes me.

Jumping on the bed provided lots of entertainment...
As well as some good ole Daniel Tiger on this makeshift couch...
And of course there was lots of snuggling with sweet baby Ophelia...
On the first day, the guys did a first coat on the living room, kitchen and dining nook.  We paused for take out pizza dinner and then I had to head out to chaperone the youth dance.
I got home around 11:00 pm from the dance and was in bed by 11:50 pm.  This was the first year ever that I haven't tried to stay up until midnight for a New Years celebration but we were all beat.

Day two started with a pancake breakfast, a first coat in the master bedroom and then lunch at Jack's.  We came back and the guys pounded out a final coat on the living room, kitchen and dining nook like champs.
While they were trying to paint in the kitchen I was trying to bake Eleanor a mini birthday cake.  Her birthday wasn't until the next week but we thought we'd take advantage of having so much family together.  We sang Eleanor happy birthday and ate cake just before Blair and Chelsea headed back to the Bay Area.

These pictures were taken in our front room that wasn't painted, hence the strong yellow cast in the photos.  Also of note, just out of shot in these pictures is the pure chaos that our house became with all the living room furniture stuffed in here to make way for painting.
My parents and Ginny stayed one more night and were there for the great reveal the next morning when we removed the blue tape.  I think we all (me especially) breathed a major sigh of relief that so much of the yellow was gone (forever!!).  The house felt ten times brighter and happier, which was a major blessing come a week later when we got tons and tons of rain.  It was SO wonderful to have brighter walls despite the gloomy outdoors.  I praised Aaron, Blair and Dad's name every time it rained.

Thank you family for all your help!! We think you're the world's greatest.

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