Mini Christmas 2015

We did a mini Christmas all on our own in Fresno mid-December so that we could start some of our own traditions and feel the Christmas spirit in our very own living room and with our very own Christmas tree.    

We started the night with homemade hot chocolate, read a couple of Christmas stories and then headed to the piano to sing Christmas carols.  The night ended with Eleanor opening a few gifts and it was a seriously amazing moment for us as parents.  She totally gets present opening this year and loved unwrapping each gift.  One perk of doing the mini Christmas is that we could go at her pace and let her play with each gift as she opened it.  She was in heaven and so were we.  I can't wait to keep the mini Christmas tradition over the years.

And here are photos from the morning after our Christmas celebrations.  Eleanor played by herself for hours with her presents.  Thank you dear family for making this girl smile so much.

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