Annie and Aaron's Open House

Annie and Aaron's Riverside Open House was on December 19th.  It's crazy to think that this was the last wedding event for the McKell siblings!

We spent Saturday morning helping with set up and we enjoyed seeing it all come together.  Aaron's parents rented a big, beautiful tent and strung it with lights.  The effect was quite magical.

The open house started at 6 pm and we had a lot of fun as always getting to see and catch up with so many great Riverside people as well as all the family that came in town for the event.  The food was delicious as always and I especially loved the chocolate chip cookies Aaron Hewlett made from his family's own recipe.
The night was a hit and we had so much fun.  Generally, when all the wedding festivities are over, there is usually a bummer feeling left behind as you realize all the fun is over and it's back to real life.  That was definitely not the case here though because we were super excited to be kicking off a week full of Christmas and family.  The fun was just getting started :)

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