Brad and Emily's Walnut Creek Open House

After Brad and Emily's Utah wedding, Eleanor and I stayed in Walnut Creek for the week to help prep for the open house.  I had the great idea to string lights in the backyard over the table area and we devoted a crucial evening to making it happen.  And then we laughed at ourselves (or at least at me ;)) when it didn't get dark until after the open house had ended, making the lights pointless.  Oh well!

Other than the lights, the week was spent finalizing the menu, moving bark around the backyard, going to Costco (several times), and arranging flowers (thanks to super talented ladies of the WC2nd ward).  I hit 6 weeks of pregnancy towards the end of the week and felt the crazy nausea/exhaustion take over.  One day I was going strong and being productive and then the next day, I had to be eating constantly and laying on the couch (all while trying to not make it too obvious to the family because we wanted to wait a bit longer to tell).  Fun, fun!

The open house was a really beautiful, summer-y event.  Everything was just so pretty to start with and then once you fill it up with family and long-time friends it becomes even more magical.  I love being in my home town and getting to catch up with all of the amazing Walnut Creek people.  We are blessed to know them.  The hit of the night was the gelato stand, naturally, and there were a couple people (who will not be named ;)) that seemed to camp out there all night.  They were the smart ones, I wish I was one of them!

Once the event had ended and the last guest had trickled out, our family set up a projector screen outside, sat under the lights (see they were worth it!) and watched Brad and Emily's wedding video.  It was wonderful and sappy.  We then started to share favorite youtubes, of course.  

Thanks for getting married Brad!  It made for a real good time :)

 ^^The traditional Stewart's groom's cake
 ^^these two very pictured-out people were good sports about taking "just one more," which really was like ten more... :)

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