Allred Reunion and McKell Family Vacation

We gathered in Riverside at the end of July 2015 for the Allred Family Reunion (Aaron's mom's side of the family) and had a total blast.  I loved finally getting to meet the remaining cousins and to see everyone in one room together.  The cousins were the cutest with Eleanor and even taught her how to "pound it."

We bbq'ed at the pool, swam at the beach, watched Ratatoullie, had a dance party, played lots of "Cover Your Assets" (a card game you need to buy) and played backyard games (including an epic water ballon fights with these).

The night before all the Allreds arrived, we decided to tell the immediate family that I'm pregnant.  I was 13 weeks along at this point and we had been holding out to tell them until we were in person.  We had ordered Eleanor a big sister shirt, and while everyone was sitting down to eat dinner, we stuck the shirt on her and walked out. 
Aaron's mom was the first to put two and two together and started to jump up and down saying, "I knew it! I knew it!"

We loved seeing everyone's reactions as they each started to figure it out.  Announcing baby #2 isn't nearly as shocking as announcing baby #1 (everyone starts to expect that "it's about that time") but it still is exciting nonetheless.  Eleanor didn't know why everyone was jumping up at the sight of her (she wasn't clued in to her shirt's message) so she started crying from all the attention.  She calmed down though and we all had a good dinner.

Here's the proud big-sister-to-be:
And now for all the rest of the reunion pictures...
I love this series of Papa and Molly together...
^^I try to capture those wispy curls as much as possible :)
We ended the reunion with a family photo session.
^^Eleanor has this photo in her room and can identify nearly everyone in the extended family

After the Allred Reunion ended, all of us McKells stayed for a couple extra days for some immediate family bonding time.  A highlight was going to the Redlands Temple for Annie to receive her endowment.   Nothing is sweeter than when you get your whole family in the temple together.  We are incredibly proud of Annie and think she is the greatest.

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