Hi there.

We're alive, have no fear.

As much as keeping up on posts makes me happy, it has been equally happy to just throw in the towel for a while and not stay up to date on here.  I usually slack on our blog in the summer time when events are coming one after another.  And I'm ok with that.  Summer seems like the perfect time to take a break and just live in the moment.  Although, of course, I took pictures throughout it all and will someday (maybe soonish?) catch up here on what we've been doing.  There's been camping and weddings and reunions and splash pads and bike rides and friends and tacos (lots of tacos).  It's been equal parts relaxing and crazy, but it's all been wonderful.

Hope summer is treating you well :)

*Photo was taken the night before my brother Brad's wedding.  We were stuck in the Oakland airport, waiting on a 2+ hour delayed plane.  Eleanor hadn't slept in eleven hours straight and we were exhausted, but all that couldn't stop us from still being so excited for the wedding.   

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  1. Hey Caroline, I grew up with Aaron and Adam in the Orangecrest ward and just saw your blog. Thanks for the post about the blue rug hunt--I've been looking for a great rug too! Congrats on baby #2!