Warm Weather and Exposed Baby Legs

We woke up yesterday morning to find that the weather would reach the high 80's for the day.   It was our first "hot" day and is foreshadowing for a scorching hot Fresno summer to come.  We haven't been here for a summer yet and I'm honestly a little terrified of having temperature consistently in the 90's and 100's.  My fear of a hot, hot summer though doesn't stop me from being ecstatic over getting to whip out Eleanor's summer dresses and rompers already.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing those cute baby legs exposed.  It's a true shame they ever have to be covered up.

Our Thursday was pretty low key but I snapped photos here and there.

Eleanor has been sleeping in tons this week (til 8:30 or 9 am!) and it's been heaven.  We were slowly getting ready for morning playgroup when I took these next photos.   She is all about brushing her teeth these days.

Around 11 am, Eleanor decided she was ready for kindergarten.  Of course I said, "No, you're too young." To which she said, "Ya right Mom.  I do what I want."  Then grabbed the keys and marched out the door.
But really, do you see that standing girl right there?!  She's all grown up!  Still no walking but she's a sturdy little stander now.

Aaron has been coming home for lunch this week because his nights have been consumed with test prep and church basketball games.  It's been great to check in mid-day.  Eleanor's usually taking her nap at lunch now but today she woke up early and insisted on getting some of our food.

I love these two together.  I think these next photos are so funny.  They are so clearly related to each other.  There have been countless times where Aaron will do something and I'll say, "Eleanor totally makes that same face!"
Love them.

The rest of our day was spent running errands.  Eleanor can tolerate making more stops now so we can get a lot more done in one outing.  We were back home at 5:30 pm, had dinner at 6 and put Eleanor to bed at 7.

We are looking forward to a full weekend before getting to visit family next week.  Life is ramping up with the warmer weather and we are just getting excited for the fun that's ahead.

Hope you have a great weekend too!

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