The Zoo!

Fresno has a darling little zoo.  We heard rave reviews about it from the minute we moved here so we up and bought ourselves season passes!  Eleanor and I have been twice now and love it.  Both times so far have been with my friend Emily Ryan and her two sweet girls and it's been awesome.

Eleanor was clearly excited.
^^Those teeth!

I'm often surprised by just how much Eleanor "gets it" and this was definitely one of those cases.  She'd spot the animal in the display, lock eyes on it and then watch it move about.

We started out with the snake/frog exhibits and this little green snake followed Eleanor and Hadley all along the glass.  Eleanor was half fascinated/half freaked out.  She handled it better than I would have thought though, no tears!
She also loved the elephants (one of which peed about 3 gallons of water right in front of us!).

And of course, one of the best parts of these sorts of things is getting to walk around all morning and chat with a friend.  Emily and I both lived in the South Bay last year but only got to hang out once (a true shame!).  So now, since both coincidentally moving to Fresno/Clovis this past fall, we have had fun getting together more often.  Emily is just one of those awesome people you meet who you can instantly talk to about anything.  Plus I so admire the kind of mom she is to her two girls.

We can't wait to go back to the zoo lots and lots.  It really is a Fresno gem!

P.S. Who else has season passes?? Let's go together!

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  1. This was so fun! We are so glad you guys are living here in fresno! These little girls are going to be best buddies!!