Valentine's Day 2015

We kicked off Valentine's Day celebrations on Friday night since we assumed that it would be easier to get a babysitter that night.  We left Eleanor with one of our baby-loving young women from church and headed out to Cheesecake Factory.   The meal was delicious but especially the virgin strawberry daiquiri and the Godiva Cheesecake.  I could eat that cheesecake every day.
I highly recommend celebrating Valentine's Day the night before the actual holiday because it totally takes the pressure off.  We were able to relax and enjoy our Valentine's Saturday knowing that we had already lived it up the night before.  

That morning I headed out to get my nails done, something I never do but totally love.  Aaron's been trying to get me to do this for the last year so I thought this weekend (Valentine's/my birthday) was a great excuse.  
We then attempted a family photo, which was mostly a fail because all Eleanor wanted to do was play with the camera clicker.  I know I should weed these down but they are just too funny...
We quickly gave up hope of getting one really good shot and headed out on a walk to Woodward Park instead.
I took Eleanor to Home Goods for a quick mommy-daughter date and a chance to let Aaron relax.  We found a lamp that Eleanor seemed to love. 
After putting Eleanor to bed I headed to the grocery store (very romantic) because we were in desperate need of food.  

The night ended well though with a sip of Martinelli's and then homemade milkshakes (double fudge brownie ice cream + homemade whip cream = LOVE).  And because Aaron is awesome and asked the question "Don't you have to watch a chick flick on Valentine's Day or something?" we ended the night with watching Sweet Home Alabama.  
Hope all your Valentine's were fantastic! We love you all!

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