Turning 27

I celebrated my 27th birthday this past Monday!  I'm really fine with aging but still find it crazy that I can really be 27 (nearing 30!).  I love birthdays though because they make for a great opportunity to hang out with those you love.  My mom drove down and Aaron had the day off so I was able to spend the whole day with them.

My mom drove in on Sunday and Aaron busted out the Martinelli's to cheers to my mom for giving birth to me 27 years ago (she's the world's greatest!).  We also had homemade milkshakes again (they were just too good on Valentine's) and stayed up late talking away.

The next morning I stayed in bed extra long (8:15 am :)) thanks to both Aaron and my mom playing with Eleanor.  Then we got Eleanor dressed and strapped in to the stroller for a morning walk to the donut shop.
I was looking forward to going thrifting with my mom so Aaron kindly watched Eleanor while we hit the road.

I had previously come across the sketchiest thrift store strip mall in Fresno that seemed like a possible goldmine and wanted head back there but was looking forward to having someone with me this time to be safe.  There were cool things here and there, but the experience was actually mostly a dud so we hopped into the car and headed over to the Clovis antique stores.  The weather was beautiful, and with it being President's Day, there were lots of antique sales going on.
 ^^Need any furniture legs?
 ^^Mom amidst midcentury furniture heaven
^^This little desk is right up my alley
 ^^Brass apples that are also bells?  I almost felt obligated to get these as an homage to my past teacher life
^^My mom pointed these Native American baskets out to me and I think they are beautiful.  They really show our human desire to beautify even simple, practical things like a basket for food/water.  Supposedly these are incredibly rare and valuable.  The one on the left was $900 and the one on the right was $2400!

We got lunch at home and then hit Costco (Aaron's favorite shopping experience, truly!).
^^Can you spot her curls?!

Aaron took Eleanor home for her 2nd nap while my mom and I went in search of baby clothes.  As you may be able to tell by how I spent my birthday, my favorite kind of shopping is for home goods and baby clothes :)

And then finally we headed to a yummy and very filling dinner at Yosemite Ranch.
^^She doesn't cuddle on your shoulder very often so we treasure the moments when she does!

We come home to open a couple presents and eat some cupcakes that my sweet friends Tara and Marilyn had dropped off.
^^Reading Aaron's self-named "crafty card."

And before the night was done, my mom and I worked on finishing Eleanor's baby quilt.  We had to work until 11:30 pm but I finished!! It sure is faaar from perfect but all in all I love it.  I'll share some photos of it soon :)
I'm so grateful to my mom and Aaron for spending the day with me and also for all those friends and family who wished me happy birthday.  You all make my life so full and happy, I love you dearly!!

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