Susan's Concert Weekend

The last weekend in May we hopped in the car for a trip down to Riverside for a quick family gathering.  All the McKell kids came down in honor of Susan's concert with the Millennial Choir on that Saturday night.  I had to stay behind to put Eleanor to bed but the rest of the crew went to the concert and said it was truly spectacular.  I am so proud of Susan for working so hard at her passion and for pursuing her dreams.  Thankfully, I have heard the choir perform in Salt Lake City at the Tabernacle and have since heard many of their recordings.  Each number they perform is amazing and never fails to take my breath away.  So if you happen to be in Orange County and have the chance, be sure to attend upcoming performances!

We had a lot of fun the rest of the weekend hanging out, trading off holding Eleanor and playing games.  This was the first time Adam and Christy saw Eleanor so it was especially sweet watching them interact with her.  We so love our family time and take any chance we get to be together.
 ^^Yes, I have already printed this out to frame and put on our wall.  It's going to be hard to beat this family photo.  Those cheeks are irresistible!

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